The TreeHouse Community Volunteer Program focuses on fulfilling the needs of TreeHouse in the communities we serve while providing meaningful engagement opportunities for the volunteers themselves. The TreeHouse Community Volunteer Program seeks to create the best overall experience for the volunteer through adequate preparation, resources, support, and infrastructure that will in return make the greatest impact on the TreeHouse youth, staff, and communities.


Community Development Team Member
TreeHouse desires to walk alongside communities that want to reach out to their at-risk youth. The foundation for long-term sustainable ministry is the local Community Development Team (CDT), which is comprised of 10-12 caring adults. This team sustains the TreeHouse ministry by focusing on the "Five Ps":
1. Prayer – keep God at the center of every endeavor and decision
2. Planning – shape the form of the ministry in their community
3. Promotion – engage the larger community around the need to today's youth and the mission of TreeHouse
4. Protection – care for the needs of their local staff and volunteers
5. Payment – champion the fundraising efforts to support the work of their local TreeHouse

Donation Drive Coordinator
Coordinate and execute drives to collect items needed by each TreeHouse location. Lists and fliers for each TreeHouse are provided and volunteers are asked to collect items and bring them to their local TreeHouse. Items include toilet paper, paper towels, light bulbs, household cleaners, garbage bags, mulch, snacks and bottled water for trips and activities.

Event Committee Member
Serve on a planning committee for a TreeHouse event and assist with various fundraising related tasks such as sponsorship and auctions. Current events include: Gala, Golf for Hope, Shoot for Hope and Women of Hope.

Fleece Blankets
Assemble and donate fleece tie blankets to be given to TreeHouse teens in need of a blanket.

Gift Card Drive Coordinator
Coordinate and execute gift card drives to collect gift cards for their local TreeHouse location.

THnext Mentoring
THnext is a one-to-one mentoring opportunity to help students develop an educational or vocational track for their future. Services include:
1. College application assistance
2. Financial aid consulting
3. Guidance in the college transition
4. Support high school graduation, college tours, and college acceptance
5. ACT/SAT prep

Office Administration
Assist with office administration tasks which could include clerical duties, data entry, filing, and answering phones.

Youth Mentoring
Mentor teens at a TreeHouse location during Going Deeper and Support Group programs.

Youth Mentoring School Credit Internship
Serve side by side with full-time staff all semester long. Learn and grow with the team, all while serving amazing at-risk teens.

For general inquiries in becoming a TreeHouse volunteer, please contact us via email at volunteer@treehouseyouth.org or