2018 TreeHouse Graduation

We’re so proud of our graduating seniors. Graduating high school is a big moment in the life of any teen—but for most TreeHouse teens, it’s a complete turnaround, something they never expected they could accomplish. And where their peers are cheered along by family at every step, TreeHouse teens often have only one family that can or will celebrate their big milestone—their TreeHouse family. We’re calling on you, our TreeHouse family, to help us throw our teens a Grad Party to recognize their achievement! Let’s make their high school graduation as momentous as it should be.

  • $100 is enough to provide a gift, cake, party food, and more for each of our graduating seniors. That’s significantly less than the cost of an average Grad Party.
  • $10,000 is enough to recognize all of our teens!
  • $30,000 is our fundraising goal to help these teens pursue an educational or vocational track for their future in the TreeHouse Next program.