TreeHouse Care Pack


While you can still sign up to donate an item for this event, we are filled to capacity for attending and participating in the actual packing of the duffel bags. We will be having another TreeHouse Care Pack Event in August. Visit our website sometime in June for further details. 

If you do decide to still donate an item, please click on the Sign Up Here tab below and fill in the quantity of the item you'd like to donate under the Available Slot and contact Michelle Livingston, Volunteer Engagement Manager at or call 612.419.1483 to arrange for your donated item to be picked up prior to May 9th.


Join us as we honor our 2019 TreeHouse grads by stuffing “Grad Packs” with essential items for their future. TreeHouse Care Pack is a fun event for the purpose of gifting grads with practical and fun items for post-graduation. You'll sign up to bring items like snacks, toiletries, laundry pods, water bottles and more, and together we'll pack them in a canvas overnight bag. Teens will feel the love and support of their community as they receive them at the TreeHouse Grad Party this summer and your heart will be warmed knowing you've blessed TreeHouse teens as they look forward to a bright future!

TreeHouse teens are going places! Look for more upcoming packing events as we bless teens going on adventure and mission trips, retreats and back-to-school.

THURSDAY, May 9  |  6:00 PM

TREEHOUSE PROGRAM & TRAINING CENTER  |  5757 Wayzata Blvd, St. Louis Park, MN 55416 map