How TreeHouse Works

TreeHouse works because our programs are specifically designed to meet the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of teens. From individual time with a staff member to small group time to large group activities, teens find a place they belong here.


Support Group

During support group, all youth will ‘check-in’ by saying their name, rating how their week is going and naming at least three emotions they have felt over the past week. Support group provides a safe environment where youth can give and receive support surrounding important issues in their life. Participation is voluntary, but usually attendance at support group indicates a willingness to be actively involved in the discussion.

Youth learn they are not alone in dealing with any issue. There is always someone who can relate to what is going on in another group member’s life.Teens also learn how to support someone else in need. They come to realize they are lovable, capable and worthwhile. TreeHouse support groups become a place where youth know they will always be listened to without being judged and that what they say matters to others.

Visit specific TreeHouse location pages to find dates and times for the Support Group near you. Transportation is provided for teens who live within a reasonable distance from TreeHouse.


Going Deeper

Going Deeper was designed to meet the developing spiritual and personal skills youth need to be successful in life. Games, skits, lyrics, movie clips and teaching are all part of the fun of Thursday nights. Staff members teach practical life skills teens must develop in order to grow into healthy young adults. 

Visit specific TreeHouse location pages to find dates and times for the Going Deeper group near youTransportation is provided for teens who live within a reasonable distance from TreeHouse.


One-to-One Mentoring

One-to-Ones are meetings between a TreeHouse staff member and a youth. These meetings usually occur after school and allow the staff and youth to build a relationship that would not be possible in a group setting. Youth tend to be more comfortable sharing some issues when they have the individual attention of a TreeHouse staff member. One-to-Ones often occur at a fast food restaurant, a sporting event, a park or any place the youth and staff agree upon. For many of our teens, this is one of the best parts of our program because they have a safe, caring adult all to themselves.


Growth Groups

Small groups of teens and staff focus on customized topic areas of similar issues and interests. Groups have focused on topics like anger, cutting, living in a single-parent home, leadership and forgiveness. Each group is led by a staff person and meets on an ongoing basis, either in school settings or at a TreeHouse location.


th next

Dedicated to mentoring teens solely on developing individualized tracks for future endeavors. Aiding students by helping them develop an educational or vocational track for their future. Our individualized tracks coupled with mentorship and skills assessments will increase the amount of teens who successfully pursue an educational or vocational track for their future. Our services include, college application assistance, financial aid consulting, guidance in the college transition, support toward high school graduation, ACT/SAT prep, college tours, and college acceptance.


Trips and Activities

TreeHouse provides a number of high adventure trips each summer for teens to have fun, learn about themselves, put their life skills into action and connect with God in a deeper way. Each TreeHouse location does trips such as white water rafting, Boundary Waters canoe trips, mission trips and more. For scholarship opportunities consult the Area Director at the TreeHouse where you/your teen attends.

Activities are scheduled at each TreeHouse. The activities are social times where staff and teens get out and have a great time beyond regular scheduled Tuesday/Thursday night programs. A day at an amusement park, playing football, going fishing or snowboarding are just a few examples.

Check the Activities Calendar at a TreeHouse location to find out what activities are happening in your area!


Service Projects

Everyone needs to know that they have something to offer the world. Service projects allow each youth to experience first-hand the satisfaction of helping another person. Through these experiences our youth discover new ways to use their talents. Whether the opportunity is close to home, or across the country, the TreeHouse program offers youth opportunities to serve others. Painting someone’s home, running a vacation Bible school, or spending time with the elderly are all examples of service projects that are done at each TreeHouse. Past participants will tell you that these projects are life transforming.



Retreats are scheduled four times a year for each TreeHouse. Retreats are held on the weekends. Time away from a youth’s regular schedule allows for reflection and often results in seeing situations in a different light. Retreats allow staff to “bulk up” time with the teens. By spending an extended period of time together, new lines of communication often open. Retreats are centered around a theme and promise new activities, friends and fun for all.



TreeHouse provides opportunities for teens and families to sit down together in a supportive environment and work through their issues. This process is known as conflict mediation. TreeHouse staff provide solid support and direction for helping families navigate through difficult issues and come to workable outcomes.