TreeHouse Partner Network

The model is TreeHouse.
The mission is transformation.


WE CAN Reach every hurting teen—but we can’t do it alone! 

A TreeHouse Partner Network location is staffed, hosted and managed by a mission-driven church or non-profit organization. TreeHouse provides access to TreeSources, our online resource center, which provides training, ongoing coaching and curriculum and resources to use with teens – everything your staff will need to effectively implement the TreeHouse model. This path costs between $4,000-6,000 annually, excluding operational costs (staff, transportation, facility, etc), and is resourced by the mission partner. The number of teens served will vary by location.

When you become a TreeHouse Partner, you will receive:

• Interactive online training.
• Ongoing coaching and support from a TreeHouse expert trainer.
• 24/7 Access to TreeSources, our extensive online resource center.
• Assets-based Curriculum to use with teens.



The TreeHouse Partner Network continues to expand.
Click on the map to see our current Partner locations!



If you’re interested in the TreeHouse Partner Network, contact Tim Cryer at, or call 952-238-1010


TreeHouse Partner Network Team

Tim Clark, TreeHouse President & CEO
Kevin Ward, Vice President of TreeHouse Partner Network
Tim Cryer, Partner Development Manager
Nick Frenzen, Network Training Service Manager
Ash San Filippo, Network & TreeSources Manager
Scott Volltrauer, TreeSources Content Manager

Our church decided to work with TreeHouse and bring their unique model to help meet the needs of our community. The support we have received from TreeHouse is a huge factor in our success!
Andrew Kling, Youth Pastor and Area Director in Sandstone, MN
Our partnership with TreeHouse has been such a blessing. We saw a need in our community with hurting teens that we weren't exactly sure how to address. TreeHouse has helped give us the tools, training and expertise to reach teens that may have been ignored and swept under the rug.
Jesse Hurkes, Watertown, SD Partner Director
As I sat in on our Sandstone Partner TreeHouse, my first thought was 'It's working!' I was blown away at how much it felt like the TreeHouse I was a part of for 10 years. The teens were open and vulnerable, the staff were filled with compassion and grace and the energy was contagious. It's been amazing to watch how quickly these new areas are able to transfer the culture of TreeHouse to their community. We're on the edge of something huge. I can't wait to continue to witness the transforming work of TreeHouse as we expand across the country.
Nick Frenzen, TreeHouse Partner Training Manager